Blog? Why?

In the beginning was newspaper and radio. Then came TV and video, and all journalists were afraid that press is becoming endangered species. Well television didn’t kill the book, neither internet will do it with other media. The good news is that as things are evolving and researchers are discovering new DNA codes and medicines healing rare diseases, naturally media and communication is changing too.

We have more tools than ever now and we have never been so suspicious minded. We don’t trust ads, we criticize them. We don’t buy newspapers, but read them online. And TV, well it’s more like a background painting on the wall then the big manipulating box that it used to be.

So if channels are changing, we have to keep up to date.

Journalists, media and companies have no choice if they want to stay in the game.

If you don’t know why you have to do a blog, you just don’t have to do it.

Blog is intended to connect you with other like-minded people who you can share information with. It is customized media, with customized advertising and niche readers. Well, some niches are huge holes.

Rule Nr. 1 – to be interesting, you need to be interested. So if you don’t have any particular interest and what to say about it, please don’t pollute the already overloaded internet space.

Rule Nr.2 – don’t give up! This is something I have to stick to.

Finally, just give it a try and see if blogging makes a difference.

About teakosta

curios to see if blogging can make a difference


  1. majah

    Ko staa bre to6k’e?
    nyama li nai-nakraya da drasnesh nyakoi red da utolish jajdata na chetyashtite fenove!
    oshte nishto ne si napisala, a veche imash fenove – lol!
    vij me men naprimer – your nnumber 1 fan!


  2. teakosta

    wow tva werno e qko, o6te ni6to ne sum napisala a imam fenove, thank all of you for the support haha, obe6tavam skoro da opravdaq tvoite o4akvaniq maja- my only one fan, the best one

  3. bronco

    hop – broi ni dvama!

  4. aleksandra K

    Thank you for the information. I will keep watching your Blog!

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