What about browsing for a medicine before buying it?

Are they any limits for blogging consumers’ recommendation

We live in busy times, we don’t trust TV ads and we are always online. So what do we do when we have to buy something but we still didn’t pick up the exact product and brand. Well, I ask Google … and then it happens to be allocated to many personal blogs, company websites, media publication. There are search results for everything. Because again I don’t like to waste much time I always prefer to go to the personal blogs and forums where I can “hear” a “real consumer recommendations” and chose the  right one for me.. And I know I am not the only one. For good and bad, this is how new marketing is working – the more you are online, the more chances you have to be on the consumer purchase decision process.

No drama for now, these are the rules of the market.

But what about when it comes to taking medicines. Things get a bit more serious I think.  This is what exactly happened to me last week. I was recommended to buy a really efficient medicine from a friend. I did it without counseling a doctor so I felt I could relax my bad conscious with some more information about the product on internet. And what I found out was that all the rules for all other brands and products apply with the same logic to medicines. Next to the official website information you come across many personal opinions and recommendations in blogs, medical websites and ladies forums. Hm, I got confused. Even thought most of them are happy with the medicine there is one American woman claiming the daughter of her family friends died from it. Imagine!

Then I get carried away from all of the ‘professional’ opinions of consumers advising me what to do with my healthy problem, what drugs to take and for how long, it’s like I don’t need to go and waste time and money at the doctor…

Just for the record – I took the pill, I felt better, but my symptoms are here again after 2 days so I am making an appointment with a doctor today. I must admit I feel a little bit uncomfortable to explain to him my personal healing course based on online recommendations.

So, just ask yourself – do you really know who are you trusting when making decisions based on personal blogging, especially for medicines?

I will keep updates for my health condition. Now have to run for work, which by the way is the root of all my healthy discomforts.

About teakosta

curios to see if blogging can make a difference


  1. very funny ciccia! I enjoyed it! as a first attempt, not bad! 😉

  2. teakosta

    haha grazie
    very encouraging 😉
    my live is full with funny stories

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