How to add social plugins to your blog – explained

Like This!

Have you ever wondered like me how to add the Facebook like button to your blog posts?

If this seems to be too easy for you, please ignore the video.
I, as a real dummy, was struggling a lot in the beginning and I want to share what nice and easy way I found.

This tutorial was made with Snagit screen cast software.

About teakosta

curios to see if blogging can make a difference


  1. brava ciccia!! I had no the faintest idea how to do it, you have been working hard recently! great, I’ll copy it!

  2. majah

    Thank you, Teakosta! Really helpful and thanks to you I have “Like” button on my blog as well ūüôā

  3. teakosta

    please stop pulling my leg because of the last words: Beautiful! Good luck!
    I know it is funny but it’s really difficult to make something like that to sound professional ūüôā

  4. majah

    Beeeautiful! Good luck! ūüėČ Sorry, I couldn’t stand to say it again ūüėČ

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