Old Spice Campaign: “Like all great things this too must end”

I never cared for Old Spice and commercials with naked men but this one really trilled me so much and even moved to write a post like a small celebration for its end today. No doubt goes in “smarties”.

The campaign, in which the “Old Spice guy” — as actor Isaiah Mustafa, who starred in most of Old Spice’s recent commercials, has come to be known mostly on the Internet. In his final tweet and video, Mustafa says, “like all great things this too must end.”

Beside the brilliant idea and actor, what makes the campaign so successful, is the ability to engage half of the internet and to respond with a new podcast in rapid and funny way.

Everything was run perfectly. The Old Spice guy recorded his video responses so quick and professionally, an amazing feat in itself that cannot be truly appreciated if you’ve never been in front of a camera. The actual brand — Old Spice — was never shoved down viewers’ throats. Most importantly, all of it was incredibly fun to watch.

In one of the last video, the actor speaks directly to his daughter explaining that until recently, he was just a struggling actor no one has ever heard of. When was the last time a marketing campaign spoke directly to you in such a frank way, making you laugh so much? I can watch it over and over again and I love it.

Bye sexy, please come back soon!

For those of you who missed the beginning, look how it started 🙂

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  1. majah

    Old Spice commercials are real classic – good idea to celebrate it with a post here 🙂

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