It’s official now: Women Dominate Social Media

Many still believe that when it comes to digital world or Internet, men are always ahead in the game than women.

It is time to end this unnecessary discrimination with bound proves.

According to a new study from comScore, social networking sites reach a higher percentage of women than men, in fact 76% compared to 70%.

Interesting is that although men are in the majority across the global Internet, women spend about 8 percent more time online, averaging 25 hours per month on the Web.

As for me, there is nothing surprisingly in that statistic. Women have been always better communicator and socially inclined, man are undoubtedly the technical geeks. But when it comes to content and engaging people with ideas and mutual empathy, women naturally come as leaders in social media. Because Internet is no more only about web page design and software engineering. There is another powerful era coming ahead and it’s time for us to take the lead. Go girls!

Still very frustrating rates in social media and online marketing employment in favor for men. Not for long. Lets’ not forget who were the veterans of social blogging and powerful mind setting tools – parenting forums, run mostly by mothers.

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One comment

  1. Liz

    While I would certainly agree that women are more engaged online, in terms of Facebook and blogging (at least that’s certainly my experience), men seem to me to be more savvy about the possibilities, such as using the Web to make money, to do linkings here, there are everywhere. As you note, I think they’re technologically more savvy. I’m trying to become more savvy (and believe it or not, my daughter was just showing me her web page she’s developing and talking about how easy it is! She’s a technical baby, usually!) and work on my web communication skills, while also working on ways to be a more effective communicator overall. A great book — I got a preview copy via work — is “27 Powers of Persuasion” by Chris St. Hilaire. It covers 27 themes used in the biggest arenas of communication, such as courtrooms, media campaigns, marketing, politics. It’s more personally based, as opposed to web-based, but hey, we need to learn good communication skills more than just online!

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