My Favorite Viral Videos for September, 2010

Watching them is just so fun that simple life looks too trivial after.

And just for the record, viral video is not made viral. It gets viral only after and if it’s been shared from many people around the web without any promotional aims. That is what it makes viral.

#1 That is Nr.1 for sure, not only for the month but for the year too. I am sure we will see this video often as an example for a successful viral video or how all advertisements will look like in the future. Give it up for Tipp ex and “A hunter shoots a bear!” – 9,476,268 views.

#2 Nokia’s world’s smallest stop-motion video, filmed with a Nokia N8 phone and a CellScope microscope, is going viral with over 879,719 YouTube views and counting. Neat and sweet, like a fairy tail.

#3 Samsung: Use your influence! This is the sweet kid rule – whatever you do with an adorable child is fated to be successful. Add some dance movements and you have 4,224,850 already. Well, that’s an influence.

#4 AXE: Clean your balls!
I still don’t know what is more ridiculous: the video itself or the ‘clean your ball’ sponge from AXE. They say, if there is a product, there must be a need for it.
However, 3,028,330 views.

There is one secret key for viral videos. They just have to be so awesome that everybody will want to be the first to share them with friends. And that ain’t easy.

So much, so far. I am waiting for the next batch.

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