Pop culture: Facebook and Lady Gaga

The first song ever called “Facebook” and the most dedicated fan of lady Gaga – this is Bulgaria

In the last few days I was shown some top pop culture phenomena originating in my home country Bulgaria. Ironically it were an Italian and a French friend who first found them out and put them then to my attention as I was an insider and I could understand and explain better the cultural drivers behind. Hm, as ridiculous as they are, I think that this is what one can expect when the strikingly powerful technology and communication age jumps on the unprepared heads of people who shortly before were in a regime that is totally the opposite of a free communication and live stream technology, namely the communist regime. I don’t know much about it since I was born shortly after and luckily I was educated in capitalistic values more or less but I grew up witnessing a pop culture that is totally lost in values and resources, controversially advanced in digital and still very productive.

I think that video explains very good what I am trying to say. Maybe the first song ever written and dedicated entirely to Facebook. Probably with a good PR could make it also to “The Social network” soundtrack ūüėÄ

For those who don’t know Bulgarian, the lyrics are about some kind of an online flirt between a man and a girl, where the girl claims her profile picture wasn’t real and she was sending a request directly in the boy’s heart… But I think the visual part says enough:

Second but not last is the very complex and ambitious persona of Bulgarian Penio Daskalov, former Big Brother participant, who is one of those desperate for fame and attention post- reality show victims. So this time he (or rather she, I don’t know) made it big to the US edition Bitten and Bound – The not so pretty side of Hollywood, because of his ambitious goal to have a sex change operation to look like Lady Gaga. I don’t know is it Lady Gaga or is it just him, or is it the television to blame, or the moral degradation of young generations but is true – a guy wants to look like Lady Gaga. But Penio, hold on, maybe if Lady Gaga sees you, will rather wants to look like you do…

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