The Noblest Social network – Reliable Cancer Therapies

Following the greenest idea of .WWF file format that doesn’t allow to be printed, I am still on the wave of noble usage of the internet and online social networks. Especially regarding health issues, one must be very careful before getting online because there are way too many medical professionals out there ready with a scary diagnosis just if you google your symptom.
Curating reliable online content is an issue ever since social media was born and everything goes digital. I know I can find 10, 000 posts regarding health information but which one can I rely my health on? And sometimes people are just tired and looking for the last salvation online – a doctor they didn’t know in the far East or a magic herb, whatever that will work.

Fortunately regarding serious deceases like cancer there is a solution already online – Reliable Cancer Therapies. It’s a recently launched online database (non-profit)  that provides research-based information on cancer therapies and selectively funds the development of promising therapies. A great source for patients, their families and doctors that is constantly updated with new therapies and trials. Reliable Cancer Therapies is a social network too because patients can fill in the entry form with the stage of their treatment and be tracked down for outcomes or promising new therapies that haven’t been examined enough, so their future development can be  funded. The people behind the organisation are experts and doctors working on cancer treatment in different universities around the world.

I wish you all the health in 2011 but just in case you need it, you know you can rely on Reliable Cancer Therapies. Speaking about social media they are on Facebook and Twitter as well.

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