Christmas Miracle, or is it?

This is not a Christmas tale but a happy-end story about how crowdsourcing works.

Last week in Paris there was the biggest event on social media in Europe this year – Le Web. Since I am just a lab rat in Digital Communication Group Porter Novelli Brussels, I didn’t have the chance to attend this time but my managing lab-bosses – Danny Devriendt and Marta Majewska not only visited the event, they totally rocked it and even got away with a brand new pink tailored electric Twitzy car from RENAULT, the official sponsor. Here is how.

If you are given the chance to design a new twitzy car with an online application and then actually win the vehicle if you manage to gather the most votes, you would probably say: “Yeah, right, I’ll never win this contests, and I am not even so influential to beat people  like the Le Web attenders on web influence… Nahhhh… that’s a waste of time”. Well, we don’t and especially Marta (@princess_misia) who designed the most controversial high-tech pink green-wheeled electric car ever – The DCG Rat Mobiel and just started twitting about it. Then we started twitting about it too and soon other people did the same just because Marta, Danny, PN_DCG,  me and Christian, we all had some influence on them. So votes were growing but we still weren’t the winner. And this is where we got even more excited to empower all our networks – professional, personal and all kinds. We didn’t stop working on it for two days but we never were too annoying, and the crowd answered – some of my followers on Twitter that I never talked to before, voted and many people that I don’t know. That was exciting. So we did a good job and won the contest with 1 vote and Marta Majewska is officially called the most influential person at Le Web 2010. And just in case you didn’t get it so far, let me tell you straight – the contest wasn’t about the best design, it was about the biggest influence!

Influence is always sweet. Influence in business is important, especially on event like Le Web with more than 3,000 participants from 60 countries and speakers from the high end players in the field like Google, facebook, Foursquare and many more. So, Danny and Marta actually did it to be the among the most influential persons at Le Web, totally deserved. The whole Digital lab is so proud 🙂 Impossible is our job!

In case you like numbers:

And of course I want to thank to all the people from my network who voted: @al0hita, @Le_Acciughe @RonaldTi @IgorJosif @avaltat @francesca81 @kiarako @JSlefebre (I own beers) and many others who don’t have twitter. Happy Holidays!

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