IULM University presents: Social mediAbility of Italian companies

This is definitively one of many occasions to feel proud about having studied Communications in IULM University Milan. As one of the few European Universities already rolling an Executive Master in Social Media Marketing & Web Communications, recently they published an extensive study about the use of social media of Italian companies. The team surveyed 120 small and big enterprises from 6 different sectors: Food, Banking, Electrics, Hospitality, Fashion and Public Administration and here is the result:

For those of you not mastering Italian language or not fancying presentation, I will give briefly the main points:

  • Only 32% of Italian companies are using at least one social media (most of them in the bank sector)
  • Fan pages are embraced the most for food related promotions
  • And no surprise: Facebook is the most commonly used social media channel, followed from LinkedIn and YouTube (Twitter on the 4th place)
  • The bank sector prefers LinkedIn over Facebook for communications
  • Half of the respondents are familiar with the use of social media for marketing communications
  • The biggest obstacle for using social channels id the insufficient knowledge of their tools and the strategic opportunities they offer
  • The biggest concern of companies: measuring the ROI
  • Asked about the future, the channels where most Italian companies want definitely to have a presence in are Facebook and Twitter
  • Still a lot to be done in the social media communications in Italy since companies spend on the average of 6 hours weekly managing online channels and measuring the results!

In boca al lupo!

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