Revolution 2.0 and the emergence of a new genre: Vlog

We live in interesting times in deed.  While many of us are comfortably sitting and watching violent riots in the Middle East from the safe place in front of a lap top/mobile/tablet, some people are really there, physically present, risking their lives for a democracy.

Revolutions sometimes are desperately needed to change the pace of history that is no longer favorable for the masses. Before there were secret societies and special agents going around to organise and disseminate the information for the riot day. Today, as  the communication process has radically changed and evolved to instant, online one-to-all spreading content tools, the revolutions process changed as well and brave special people are learning how to use them to enforce the masses when the riot day has come. I am not going to analyse the  social media impact of events like that or to point out the fact that new technology might support but will never replace the role of real people in social blasts of this scale, cause this has already been made, like here.

For many was clear that in countries like Egypt a civil war was a question of time and there wasn’t much of occasion needed to spark the angry people to go on the streets. Still, there must be always something to flame the oppressed citizens to shout out in the same day until the goal is reached. And in the case of Egypt – it was a video, posted in YouTube, with a speech of a woman!  This vlog was recorded on January 18th by Asma Mahfouz, the girl who started it all. She had shared it on her Facebook, and it had gone viral. It was so powerful and so popular, that it drove Egyptians by the thousands into Tahrir Square, and drove the Egyptian government to block Facebook.

As vlogging is becoming extremely popular and effective in causing viral actions, is it also capable to have an effect like making revolutions viral? I’ve already seen Belgium people trying to make a big protest because of the no-government situation here, mainly organised in facebook and twitter, partly successful in terms of mobilising the folk but rather useless in political terms.

There are for sure many countries in need of a revolution. One of them is Italy. Last week spread a vlog – remake of the message of Asma Mahfouz, made from an Italian famous female comedian, asking Italian women and men to go out on 13th of February… you know why.

Watch closely what will happen in Italy next week, hopefully not so extreme like in Egypt but at least so impressive and change-driving. And who will be the next?

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