TED Talk: Social Media and the End of Gender

Media and advertising companies still use the same old demographics to understand audiences, but they’re becoming increasingly harder to track online, says media researcher Johanna Blakley. As social media outgrows traditional media, and women users outnumber men, Blakley explains what changes are in store for the future of media. (TED Talk, December 2010).

What I find really interesting about that talk is the new way of looking of demographics in marketing, which is totally the opposite of what we were taught in the university. The precise gender – age target profile is losing on efficiency and slowly taken over from the interest driven dimensions. Which comes to say, it doesn’t matter where do your customers live, how old they are and what gender, it simply matters what their taste is like. And if a 16-year-old girl has the same hobby as a 40-year-old man, let’s say tech gadgets or fashion, they go in the same target group that is to be communicated with the same tools and tactics however the age and gender gap. In that connection also the notion of the ‘strong gender’ is merely old and irrelevant.

The sooner the marketers implement this in their communication plans, the better for the budgets and efficiency. Another changes coming too. Watch that place.

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