Customer Care 2.0 is here, make sure you use it

Call Customer Support? Not anymore, tweet your problem and they will call you… or at least they should

Some companies really have lousy support and the problem can be essentially frustrating if regards your internet connection. I mean this is something that can turn users into aggressive addicted who stayed away too long from their drug and Internet companies have to have the most patient and efficient customer support to deal with us, online junkees.

On the other hand complaining is something we all like to do but embarrassed to admit. What a better occasion to let out all your inner pressure than shouting at a guilty employee 🙂 Works pretty well.

So, I had that occasion the other day with the Belgium internet provider Belgacom who continuously provides me with slow and expensive internet. Surprisingly enough the call center doesn’t work on weekends and doesn’t pick up the phone after 8 p.m. I wanted to shout and complain but there was nobody to listen to me 😦

So this was a great a occasion to take my dissatisfaction to another level – Twitter. The moment I addressed an angry tweet to the account of Belgacom I was followed from Eva van Belgacom– cute avatar that will help you  solve your technical problems. So good so far but what she did was just to send me an automatic message going to their website help center. Then I started talking to her in Twitter since she was the only one I could complain to. I literally poured my anger since I was sure there is nobody at this time to take care of that neither. But then she answered that she couldn’t help me now because guess what – the customer support has gone to Feierabend but she will contact me tomorrow. Ok, Eva, I said, let’ see.

So the next thing what happened in the morning was that I had already a direct message asking for details of my problem and my mobile. Eva van Belgacom didn’t forget me 🙂 However, I am still waiting the problem to be fixed even though I was called from a technician and discussed the issue with my connection.

One thing must be precise here – Twitter customer support will not make up for your lousy services but will only comfort  the dissatisfied client and give you more time to react. The problem still needs to be fixed fast.  Then I can even express my happiness on Twitter 😉

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