#SMsecrets: How to get what you want with Social Media

2 useful presentations on the topic and some valuable insights from the event for start ups

Last night I attended a social media event in Antwerp, Belgium for start ups companies and how they can harness social media to help them grow their business. Even though I’ve got quite jealous that entrepreneurs at my age are already running international online companies, I’ve also saw and heard some tips and tricks I didn’t know before and might be useful also for employees or simply jobless like me ūüôā

#speaker1: Marta Majewska – Twitter

Of course, I am a bit biased here, but it wasn’t only me who thought this was the best presentation in the whole event. Marta, of course, has a little bit of experience already presenting and her princess-like paintings can melt a stone heart as well. Inside: useful links and tips for managing, cleaning and sustaining Twitter, and monitoring as well. Enjoy the slides, tweet tweet:


#speaker2: Isabelle Dumortier – Facebook

Another inspiring young entrepreneur who talked a bit about social media ethics and facebook pages even thought I would like to have learned more practical stuff about it. She also presented a case study about a succesful facebook campaign from The Weekly World.

#speaker3: Nick De Mey – LinkedIn

My second favorite. Also because from all social media channels LinkedIn is the one that is least user-friendly and playful social media channel so some pro- advices on it wouldn’t harm anybody. Watch the slides and learn how to implement LinkedIn in your gmail:


#speaker4: Chris from Mobile Vikings

One of those guys that doesn’t need an outstanding presentation to make an impression. Cute, witty, funny and some slides I don’t really remember what was on them but it was positive and made everybody smile.

#speaker5: Saskia Videler – Case study

Saskia is another girl geek which makes the balance male-female speakers inclined to the women. She has also her own company Medemerkers and shared some social media do’s and dont’s for start ups. Key messages were:

  • social media communication is to be done inside out – not from an external agency
  • bottom up approach – involve everybody
  • do it yourself, make it personal
  • if the CEO is the hero, the employees are the heart and soul
  • big companies and small ones have the same tools and weapons on internet
  • Content is the key (like we all know)

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