New media and power shifting in fashion

From bloody revolts in Africa to almighty celebrities merciless sacked and their places been taken from Third-Word bloggers, power is not what it used to be

This post is not about Charlie Sheen even though he is a perfect example about what is all about since he has been fired too after his ‘free speech’ twitter frivolity. However, he was given enough public attention, much more than he deserves. I was inspired from the latest events in high fashion world but same logic can be seen in all others industries and even politics.

Bryan Yambao with another famous fashion blogger - Tavi Gevinson (USA)

The old principle was that powerful people have the control or he who has money, he controls everything. This includes political dictators, big corporations, celebrities. I am happy to see this is slowly changing and many of the drivers behind it come from the new technology and changed communication tools we use.

Now, John Galliano might be a very talented and eccentric fashion designer that was used to think he can afford saying and being everything because of his authority of a world famous fashion mogul. Well, not anymore, especially considering you could never know who is taking a video of your antisemitic drunk footling and then pass it to twitter that will do the rest of the job. And if you are a public figure or a “celebrity” chances are pretty high.

So I really don’t feel sorry about him being fired from Dior and I think there are enough talented young designers with a clear mind that can take on his place. One example of the blurred boundaries between big names in fashion and simple folk like me and you is the ever growing importance of fashion bloggers all around the globe. One of them is the 24 years-old Philippine blogger Bryan Yambao who is now hanging out with likes of supermodel Naomi Campbell and designer Marc Jacobs. Yambao’s extraordinary online career began with him blogging about his foreign travels in 2004. Now his Facebook account has been fill up with a maximum 5,000 friends a long time ago, appears to revel in the irony of a Third-World blogger dictating to the rich what to wear. “It did happen to me, you know, somebody from the boonies, in the Philippines,” he said during New York fashion week.

Bryan sitting on fashion show first row along with Kylie Minogue and other celebrities

In 2009 Dolce and Gabbana put Yambao and other top bloggers on the front row at the Milan fashion week, beside traditional industry arbiters such as Vogue’s Anna Wintour and Suzy Menkes of the International Herald Tribune. This must be a clear sign for PR and marketing professionals that new media and social channels changed so much the rules of the game that they have to adapt quickly to the new bottom-up control of their brands. The power is in the hands of the mass and the butterfly effect is accurate more than ever before: namely, a small change at one place in a complex system can have large effects elsewhere.

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