QR Codes – how to make them and why to use them?

QR codes may not look very fancy but are actually a great tool that makes your life easier and your brand cooler. One setback is that they are still rarely known in Europe but as the smartphone use is growing tremendously QR codes will make it through also.

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How to make my own?

Easy. There are several websites for free, depending on what exactly do you need. One is QuikQR – here you only put your link and press a button and your QR code is ready to use and you can chose the size.

Another one more sophisticated way to make it is delivr. The good think is here you can agregate a QR code out of everything – a website, Google maps, contact information, email address, telephone number, plain text, RSS… basically everything what you can imagine you can put it in QR code.

How can I use it?

One of the good things about QR codes that basically plays the role of a bridge between offline and online world that can be very handy for heavy tech users who are used to have everything fast and linked. There are many different creative ways you can use QR for professional or commercial use. Just use your imagination. And if you still have no idea here some suggestions:

  • Business cards

One of the most common use I’ve seen – put a simple QR code on your card and you have all your contacts and links in there. For sure you will need to explain many people how it works but it’s fine.

  • Customer Reviews

Did you know that with your phone you can scan the price code of every product and look for reviews online? Works great if you don’t have the time for thoroughly internet research before buying something.

  • Link your advertisement display or billboard

Imagine you walk by a nice poster of a movie that you want to watch later but not sure if you will remember the title. Oh, fortunately now you can take a picture of the QR code and see all the info later. Works with other products and offline advertisements display like magazines and cards.

And many more – marketing materials, products, t-shirts, etc.

If I were a company I would definitely start thinking how can I implement them in my product campaign or services. A staggering 72 percent of smartphone users indicated that they would be likely to recall an ad with a QR code, according to a survey released recently of smartphone users.


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