Some fresh digital campaigns you can’t miss

Unless you decided to hit the road into the wild..

Diesel – Excellbook

Initially I wasn’t a fan of the “Be Stupid” campaign of Diesel, and I though it was a bit childish and flat. But this is where I changed my mind about it over an year after they started it. I must acknowledge also that Diesel has been very consistent in all contents and channels and created a truly integrated strategy. The last input to the list of “be stupid” manuals is an app which converts your Facebook profile into an Excell sheet. Literally and with full usability: chat, notifications, news feed, photos. It’s all there and it looks like work.

Just beware not to get caught and to have to explain for which client is that excell table (if you’re working in one of those backward companies that still have locked access to social networking sites or just want to look like working hard all the time).

Tesco: Homeplus Subway Virtual Store

The market is South Korea. The rivals are many and stronger. The idea is simple: Let the store come to people. The results are convincing. How did that happen? They created virtual supermarkets hoping to blend into people offline lives – e.g. subways. Only one thing is different: you can shop with your smartphone, scan the QR code of the product you wish and expect it at home shortly after you get back. Poised for success. – Trip your face! is a touristic booking site around the world and they know their stuff. The application embeds your face in memorable moments from an unmemorable trips to New York, Paris or Las Vegas. A  bit doggy but once you try it, it’s really fun.

Trip your face from Ad Eight creatieve communicatie on Vimeo.

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