Infographic: Me vs. Lady Gaga twitterized

Awesome. I am sure that just by mentioning Lady Gaga I will generate loads of traffic so excuse me in advance that I will be repeating Lady Gaga but I can’t help sharing that awesome infographic putting me next to the little monster Lady Gaga. I just look so cool next to her.

I got that customized infographic just in a minute thanks to a new start up for sharing and making of infographics – The idea is to be both a data base for cool things done so far and give the chance to lame designers like me to build their own. Sounds thrilling to me. I can see the art people condemning as an useless pictures generator but for people like me I think it will do great job. Can’t wait to try it. For now this service is not available. More on Mashable here.

And now for you little monsters:

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