Facebook Engagement for Fashion Brands: 5 Signs You Are Doing it Wrong

When the PR office is running the Facebook page as a side effort…

Facebook without a doubt has become a primary channel for brands to connect to their customers and to exploit their full potential. However, very often this kind of brand communication is neglected and allocated to professionals which major role is something else. I wonder how long does it take for some companies to understand that social media is something apart from digital PR, traditional advertising and interns’ tasks. As an active user on the internet I feel slightly underestimated and bored when I see some brands posting recycled content from newsletter, press releases or editorials. Especially in the fashion industry, where the competition is really demanding and fans are used to a quality content made ad hoc, authentic, immediate and interesting.

Brand managers, please take a note, if your still posting one of those type of contents on your faceook page, you’re totally obsolete and no wonder your fan base is lower than other new emerging brands. I’m sure you can be more creative and come up with really engaging stories. Here are the 5 signs you’re doing it wrong, according to my experience as a user:

1. Publish screenshots of your newsletter

It’s a pity a brand like Torry Birch is often seen to publish a screenshot of their newsletter campaign to their facebook page. Trying to click on calls to action like “Shop the look” on a screenshot is not the best user experience. The same post would have been more efficient if accompanied with a simple image and detailed text and links to all the elements in the newsletter. Remember to tailor your message to the channel you’re using, it’s that simple.

2. Publish screenshots of your editorials

Seems like screenshots are preferred content among fashion community managers or whoever is posting them on Facebook. I understand you have tones of media clippings you feel like bragging about but saying that this is so ’90s is an understatement. It’s just irrelevant. It’s not a big deal to be in a magazine editorial anymore, actually if you’re a fashion house and you’re not, you probably have a problem. This type of content is for the readers of the magazine, not for your facebook fans. Not to mention the quality of some of the screenshot, a total visual disaster.

3 and 4. Publish copied and pasted text from your press releases and low quality images

If I have to choose wich one is more annoying, that would be definitely low quality images but unfortunately very often both get published together. If you’re a fashion brand every visual content you communicate should be a little peace of art, it’s basically your brand image because fashion communicates through images.   In this case the rule is, better don’t publish anything instead of a blurry screenshot like the ones below:

5. Publish nothing else but the mentioned above

Seriously, if you’running a fashion house facebook account and this is all you come up with, why should people follow your brand’s page. Fashion companies are full with creativity, art and innovative content. It’s all there, it  just needs to be organized, customized and thought ahead. Be creative and spread your brand’s values, be a tastemaker for your community and they will follow you in many. It’s that simple.

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