Hi, thank you for checking in! My name is Teodora Kostadinova.

This blog was initiated as a student assignment in Master of International Communications and out of curiosity to see if blogging can make a difference in 2008. Yes, it does.

Now I am living in Italy (Milan) and working full time as a digital strategist and community manager. I keep writing in my blog since this is my place to express opinion, ideas and thoughts without having to complement someone else’s vision or clients’ expectations 😉

What you can find here is basically all things digital and social media marketing for brands’ communication: case studies, reports, strategies, inspiration and miscellaneous. I am interested in and write about all industries but mainly focused on the fashion&luxury one since most of the clients I work for are Italian high profile brands.

I am often asked for an opinion or a professional advice and I am always happy to share my views with interested people so don’t hesitate to contact me here.

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  1. Dearest, check out your baseline “Professional Commuication written from people for people”…


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